Why use a Sensory Table?

The sensory table is a great place for hands on activities for children. The possibilities for sensory table activities are endless! I have seen soil in the sensory table, and the children were able to add water when they wanted. There were also farm animals to play with in the “mud” that the children were making. I love to play in the sensory table along with the children because it brings back those memories of when I was younger and enjoyed getting messy without worry. There are several different reactions I have seen from children as they encounter the sensory table. Some children LOVE it. They will head straight towards the sensory table and won’t hesitate to stick their hands in whatever it holds. However, other children are skeptical and hesitant. I have even seen some that won’t dare put their hands in it. It all depends on the child, and that’s okay! It’s our job to encourage the sensory play and provide the opportunity.

Attached is a link explaining why sensory play is so important for preschoolers. It also provides other ideas in incorporating sensory play throughout the classroom! Just click on the link below that says, “A Handful of Fun”.

A Handful of Fun


One thought on “Why use a Sensory Table?

  1. Ashley,
    Good details in your post. Your link also had relevant information and developmentally appropriate ideas. Good work.
    grade: 10/10


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